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Chroma FlowerHex Luxe Porcelain Mosaic

Chroma FlowerHex Luxe Porcelain Mosaic



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Chroma FlowerHex Luxe Porcelain Mosaic - Elegance in White, Aged, and Cobalt

Step into a world of sophisticated geometry with the Chroma FlowerHex Luxe Porcelain Mosaic. Crafted for discerning tastes, this porcelain mosaic sheet features an innovative four-sided shape that forms an intricate hexagonal pattern, reminiscent of a blossoming flower.

Luxe Color Variations to Complement Any Space:

White: A pure and luminous hue that brings a fresh and expansive feel.

Aged: A subtly distressed shade that evokes a sense of timeless elegance.

Cobalt: A deep and striking blue that adds a splash of bold sophistication to your design.

Flexible Design for Multiple Settings: Our Chroma FlowerHex tiles are versatile enough for a designer wall tile, a luxurious floor mosaic, or an upscale modern backsplash. The high-grade porcelain ensures longevity and ease of care, making them an excellent selection for high-traffic areas or a statement piece in residential and commercial spaces.

Advantages of the Chroma FlowerHex Mosaic:

Superior quality porcelain for durability and resilience

Available in three captivating colors to fulfill diverse design visions

Simple to clean and maintain, offering a blend of luxury and practicality

Ideal for various applications, from artistic wall patterns to elegant flooring designs

Elevate your environment with the exclusive appeal of our Chroma FlowerHex Luxe Porcelain Mosaic. Embrace the blend of art and architecture in every piece and infuse your project with unmatched style and grace.